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Wendy Pappas

While Wendy Pappas was in pre-med studies in college she decided to take a jog but when she returned home she fainted. After awaking in the hospital she found herself with an excruciating headache. She was prescribed a heavy cocktail of medications but worse, she suffered from the emotional pain from years of misdiagnosis and unnecessary medication.

After some time Wendy's headaches became worse. This set Wendy on a course for alternative health and medicine. On this path she learned about the healing powers of water and our hands. She learned how emotions govern our health and, most importantly, our lack of health. This lead to her discovering the power of colonics. After several sessions her physical and mental wellbeing greatly improved, she felt like she got her life back. Inspired, Wendy realized it was time to share this talent with others. Hence, Totally Well Within was born.