Mind/Body Connection

Have you ever had to speak in front of crowd of people and suddenly you became very thirsty? Your throat drying up and you desperately seeking to quench your impending thirst? Have you ever thought about how you nearly instantly went from hydrated to dehydrated? The mind/body connection is a powerful symbiotic connection that happens on a conscious and subconscious level. The fear of public speaking causes the hydration in our body to make a major shift. Water is more than a thirst quencher it holds energy and emotion.

Japanese scientist Dr. Masuro Emoto showed how positive and negative energy affects water in his works Messages From Water (1999, 2002, 2004 and 2008) and in his book Water Knows the Answer (Sunmark Publishing). Dr. Emoto photographed frozen distilled water crystals that have either been subjected to positive emotions (via means such as good music, prayer and kind words) or negative energy (from things like yelling and negative speak). The result was beautiful crystals for the positive effects, and disfigured crystals for the opposite. Learn more about Dr. Emoto’s work by clicking here.

If the mind can cause instantaneous dehydration and negative emotion can disfigure water, then what is happening in our colon? A lot of things to say the least! Colonics performed by Wendy Pappas at Totally Well Within acknowledge and embrace this reality. Colonics are performed with good, clean water and done so in an environment of love, compassion and understanding. She doesn’t flood the colon with water but instead gently engages the colon with slow water, as to not cause stress and anxiety to the colon, slowly coercing a full and complete release. Experience the difference a colonic can be when performed with love, light and compassion.